1. Pre-Screened Applicants

  2. Skilled and Motivated Workers

  3. No Cost Employee Training

  4. Post-Hiring Support

  5. Financial Incentives

  6. No Cost Disability Awareness Training

For Program Participants: What is your dream job? Peninsula Services can help—call us today to learn more!

Ever dream of what you really want in life only to be told by others that

it’s beyond your reach? We’ve helped hundreds of people with disabilities find their dream jobs. We do this by looking at opportunities from a variety of angles and by matching your skills with the right job in the community. We help you and your employer excel in today’s business environment.

For over 40 years, Peninsula Services has provided career opportunities and training to many hundreds of individuals, giving flight to their dreams. We have worked with over 300 companies throughout Kitsap County that support our mission. Join our family. Call Todd Faulkner at (360)340-2105 and get started today.

Individual Benefits
A qualified Community Employment Specialist will assist you in developing an Individualized Vocational Program that may include Community Based Assessment, Job Placement, Job Retention, even Independent Living Skills.

Our  services can include:

  1. Career Exploration

  2. Resume Assistance

  3. Interview Preparation

  4. Employer Contacts

  5. One-on-One Job Coaching

  6. Travel Training using public transportation

  7. Vocational Counseling

  8. PASS/IRWE Development

  9. Personal Financial Budgeting

  10. Long-Term Follow Along

Employers: Change a Life Today.

At Peninsula Services, this is not simply a slogan—but a way of life.         We work hard to match our job seekers with the right employer. As an employer, you are not getting someone to fill a gap, rather we are providing you with a person whose skills and interests match with your needs. Then we continually follow up with you to make sure your new employee understands the demands of your company and feels confident to grow with you, helping you become more efficient and profitable. Our success is built around innovative leadership, focusing on strengths to maximize your staff’s talents and your company’s productivity.

Contact Todd Faulkner,Vocational Services Director at (360) 340-2105 or to find out more information on how you can put us to work for you! Want to see some of the employers Peninsula Services collaborates with?
Click here.

Employer Benefits

A qualified Placement Specialist will meet with you to identify your specific employment needs, and may then recommend to you the  individuals within Peninsula Services’ vocational program who are eligible for employment with your company.



Get Started Today - If you are a job seeker, a family member, or employer, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Call us at (360) 340-2105 and we will set up a discovery meeting and discuss the opportunities and services available as a program participant or an employer.

  2. If you are an employer, we will find the “Perfect Match” for your business needs.

  3. If you are a participant, we will work to find your dream job and give you on-going support needed to excel at your new job!

      Let’s Work Together - You can help!

  1. Enabling Independence

  2. Achieving Goals

  3. Building Confidence

  4. Conquering Challenges

  5. Maximizing Potential

   Peninsula Services’ Staff is  proud to work with:

  1. Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

  2. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

  3. Developmental Disabilities Association (was DDD)

  4. Division of Services for the Blind (DSB)

  5. Department of Labor and Industries (L&I)

  6. United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)     

  7. United States Social Security Administration (SSA)

Become a  Vocational Program Sponsor

and join a community of smiles!

For Participants
For Employers


Office Assistance
Animal Care
Child Care
Shelf Stocking
Data Entry
& More!

Call today to learn about our trained participants & how our program can work with your business! 

(360) 340-2105

Vocational Services have been at the core of Peninsula Services and what we stand for in our community for over 40 years. Our Vocational Services department provides an array of career opportunities and services to adults with disabilities who are seeking long term employment. For more information call Director Todd Faulkner (360) 340-2105.

As an employer, you will receive valuable benefits from our job placement programs, such as pre-screened employees who are sincerely motivated to work, skilled and committed. Other benefits can include free disability awareness training, job coaching, tax incentives and more. Please call us for details.  

Our Philosophy: At Peninsula Services we are dedicated to the philosophy that all persons have the ability to excel and to demonstrate competence. Our agency exists for the purpose of providing vocational and life enriching experiences that allow every individual the opportunity to grow, to achieve personal goals and to maximize their potential.

Our Core Values: Talents of All, Respect and Dignity, Ongoing Growth, Innovation & Creativity, The Pursuit of Excellence

Peninsula Services is a Non Profit Agency
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