Peninsula Services continues to work with so many companies throughout the Puget Sound and we are all so grateful of your kindness and continued support! Here’s to a million smiles—and growing!

From Members of The Community.....

-KPS Health Plan

“KPS Health Plans has had an established partnership with All Shred for more than 12 years and couldn’t be more satisfied with their service. The staff of All Shred are courteous, professional and exemplify what customer service should be and a great asset to the community of Kitsap County.” 

-Kitsap County Purchasing Office

“We’ve just recently contracted with All Shred. They are very nice and are always on top of things. It makes us happy to do business with a local company.”

-Kitsap Mental Health Services

“Our agency has been conducting business with All Shred since 2004. We have been very, very pleased with their service. Compared to the previous shredding company, the service satisfaction has increased 3 fold. We plan to continue service with All Shred and are very excited with their mobile shredding operation.”

-City of Bremerton

“Most of our managers here at the City of Bremerton are now using All Shred’s services. We have been very pleased with their price, responsiveness and professionalism. We’re very happy to support local business.” 

Albert Hoch, Facilities Manager, Haselwood Family YMCA

The Haselwood Family YMCA in Silverdale, Washington, opened June 1, 2011, providing a much-needed community service to the greater Central and North Kitsap areas. The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties strives to share the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility through programs that focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. To fulfill this mission, we recruit, develop and maintain a diverse workforce committed to serving others, building strong relationships.

While recruiting for custodial staff, we were contacted by representatives from Peninsula Services who provided us with several highly-qualified and experienced candidates for these positions. After meeting and interviewing these individuals, we found several of those referrals to be among the strongest, passionate and best qualified in our search.

We offered positions and they accepted employment. Since its opening, the operational tempo and growth of this branch of the YMCA has been extraordinary. Our staff members recommended to us by Peninsula Services are among the most dedicated, reliable, committed and positive employees we have.

While some employees may have disabilities, their employment needs are addressed by the staff from Peninsula Services in the form of Job Coaches. These coaches provide assistance and guidance during the first few weeks of employment, ensuring the individual is meeting our needs. This is done at no cost to the employer. Peninsula Services has also provided additional services for subsequent referrals, including background and reference checks, qualification and experience reviews and transportation arrangements.

Peninsula Services makes every effort to ensure the person referred will be an asset to the employer and not require any additional time and effort to train for the position hired. This strong community partnership helps us connect with our neighbors and helps bridge the gap in a critical community need. I am sincerely grateful for Peninsula Services’ continued recommendations for their valuable resources in reliable personnel staffing and I recommend their services without reservation.

-Kieran Foster, Ameriforce - Bremerton, WA

"Peninsula Services provided excellent customer service to our company by listening to our needs for an Administrative Assistant / Safety Specialist. We interviewed two of Debra Fa'aita's customer's. It was a difficult decision as we could only hire one of them. That employee has been with us for a year and a excellent fit!!

From our staff members and participants

Andrea Johnston - Peninsula Services Executive Assistant

My name is Andrea Johnston. Back in 1996 I was a displaced homemaker, a survivor of domestic abuse, with a bone disease and broken hip. I didn't have much hope that I could find a job but I knew I wanted to re-enter the workplace and needed some help. That was when DVR partnered me with Peninsula Services. With the guidance of my very caring Placement Specialist I received training in computers (having barely even seen one before) and the modern workplace; gained experience through trial assessments where I volunteered with various employers willing to give me a chance; gained self-confidence and self-respect. I went through a number of surgeries and personal challenges, but Peninsula Services stood by me and gave me the time to heal.

When I was offered a position at Peninsula Services as a receptionist I couldn't have been happier. They were pleased with my progress and thought I would do a good job. Now I've been here over 15 years and am the Executive Assistant to the CEO. Peninsula Services gave me the opportunity to start a new life. I am forever grateful.

Veronica Wofford - Peninsula Services Commissary

Vernica Wofford  grew up in Port Orchard Washington from sixth grade on – before that she lived in Utah and was born in Mt Vernon Washington. Veronica has experienced anxiety disorder her entire young and adult life.

Veronica was referred to Peninsula Services in 1987 thru Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for services. She was placed at the Bangor Sub Base Commissary and worked there from 1987 thru 1992.

Veronica returned to Peninsula Services in 2004 and currently is a Shelf Stocker/ Custodial Worker/ Job Coach for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Commissary in Bremerton, WA. She assists is all aspects of work at the Commissary including job coaching for all of the Peninsula Services employees at this site.

Veronica has come along way on work relations, communications and job duties. Everything that Veronica has been challenged with she has met with a positive attitude, willing to assist wherever she can and learn as much about her assignment that she can. She is well respected in the workplace and had earned her place at the Commissary as a model employee.

Matt Vale - Peninsula Services Commissary

Matt Vale, (pictured above with Veronica Wofford), is a Shelf Stocker/ Swing Shift  /Independent Employee for the Sub Bangor Commissary in Silverdale WA. Matt assists in all aspects of Commissary work including shelf stocking,  off-loading the Super Value Delivery and Coastal Delivery Trucks, upkeep and cleanliness of the store.  

Since beginning his job with Peninsula Services, Matt worked hard every day to improve his productivity and as the years have gone by Matt continues to excel. He comes in each day with a positive attitude, willingness to work all shifts, conversing with all employees, commissary staff and managers and is an absolute joy to work with.

Matt proves that with proper supports in place, persons with disabilities can be successful in all their endeavors: working, socializing and living independently.

Gregory Horton, his site supervisor says “Matt goes above and beyond. He sets a great example for all the other employees, takes the lead in advocating for those who need extra training and assistance, and is open to any assignment given on all sites. He is truly a great example for others.”

Each and everyday here at Peninsula Services, there is reason to celebrate—and so much of it has to do with our many “partner” companies, throughout the sound, who have made the choice to hire a person with a disability. So often we hear that the experience has changed their company for the better. We thank you all—and truth be told, we’d love to share all of your stories, but really—it’s not about us, it’s about them. Here’s to a million smiles and just a few testimonials to go along with them. Than you all, for your unyielding support and faith in our people!

Our Philosophy: At Peninsula Services we are dedicated to the philosophy that all persons have the ability to excel and to demonstrate competence. Our agency exists for the purpose of providing vocational and life enriching experiences that allow every individual the opportunity to grow, to achieve personal goals and to maximize their potential.

Our Core Values: Talents of All, Respect and Dignity, Ongoing Growth, Innovation & Creativity, The Pursuit of Excellence

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