Behind the scenes

at Peninsula Services is a dedicated team who know where to find success.            They’ve proven it can be done with any business. 

They would like YOUR’S to be next.

The most important “asset” behind the success of any business is the people. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you can’t sell it or build a customer relationship around it, it remains nothing more than a “great idea”.  During the past 40-plus years, the people at the heart of Peninsula Services have dedicated their lives to building success by focusing on unique “people qualities” and “people abilities” in the work place—and their record speaks for itself. We invite you to join our family. Consulting, team building, people’s our life.

Jill Robinson, Chief Executive Officer 
Jill has worked in the field of vocational rehabilitation for more than 30
years. She came to Peninsula Services in 1985 to serve as the Rehabilitation
Director and assumed the position as CEO in 1987. Jill received a Master's
degree in Rehabilitation Administration from Southern Illinois University
and has been active in a wide range of local, state and national
organizations focused on improving services and opportunities for people
with disabilities. She has also held leadership positions with a variety
of service organizations in the community that direct services to improving
the community as a whole.

Ronald Modkins, Director of Contract Management
Ronald is our newest member of the management team.  We don’t even have his picture to show you, yet, but we will! He comes to use with much experience and a military background-plus a can-do attitude that is amazing. He  will take over managing Peninsula Services’ commissary and grounds contracts

Todd Falkner, Vocational Rehabilitation Director
Todd came to us with big ideas and plans to achieve them. He is leading the team of Community Employment Specialists in their quest to place our many participants into fulfilling and meaningful community employment. He keeps an eye on the many legislative measures that could affect our clients and oversees the day to day management of ALL SHRED and the Gift Basket.

Joanie Robertson, CFO
Joanie has worked for Peninsula Services since 1985 and became the Business Manager when Kevin Kilbridge retired after 30 years this past July. She is now phasing out of her duties, with an eye to retirement and training her successors.  Her primary duties are to oversee the business office and to provide monthly financial statements for the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and the program heads. Other duties include doing reports for government agencies, giving financial advice on operations, research, and facilities maintenance. We all welcome Joanie to her new position and know she will do a stellar job!

Daria Ross, Human Resource Director
Daria is a valuable member of the team, working with all other facets of the agency to bring the best in benefits, keep questions answered, positions filled and employees happy in their jobs-but diving in to solve problems when they arise.

Chris Norcross, Servmart Managers - Arsenal Way
Chris served in the U.S. Navy, retiring in January of 1999 as a Chief Aviation Storekeeper.  Chris joined the Servmart team in August of 1999 as a store worker and became the Manager of the Bremerton Servmart in June of 2000.  He enjoys talking to the sailors and helping them fulfill their needs and on his off time is an avid outdoorsman.                                        Visit our page here!

Rick Rogue, Servmart Manager - Arsenal Way
Rick joined the Peninsula Services team in December 1997 and recently retired from that position to spend time with his family. We will miss you!                                                                                       Visit our page here!

Rich Mueller, Servmart Manager - Whidby Island
IRich assumed management position of Servmart when Anna Anderson recently retired, working every aspect ofthe Servmart operation here at the Whidbey Island site, from receiving/stocking/purchasing to customer assistance with all levels of military customers. His many years of experience at Servmart working with our customers make his advancement the perfect step in his career.         Visit our page here!

Diane Tuitasi, Commissary Supervisor, PSNS
Diane rejoined the team after a short sabbatical and has been so busy she hasn’t had the time to write something for us yet!  We hope to have an update from her soon!

Greg Horton, Commissary Supervisor, Bangor
My name is Greg Horton and I have been with the company 11 years. I am responsible for ensuring that the Bangor Commissary is stocked and cleaned according to contract by our Peninsula Services Stocking and Janitorial crews. Each night I make certain our stocking and janitorial crews work as a cohesive unit to provide top-notch service to our customer, The Defense Commissary Agency.

Peninsula Services Board of Directors
This group of dedicated volunteers is the backbone of  the agency.  It is because of their time, effort and talent that Peninsula Services is able to provide our programs and projects to so many community members.  The Board is a mix of parents, professionals, consumers, community leaders, employees, and military representatives.  These experts bring valuable leadership to the organization. 

in order of length of service.....
Helene Norman - Chairperson
Joined BOD: October 1985 

Peggy Howland 
Joined BOD: July 1991

Phyllis Merhaut - Secretary
Joined BOD: December 2001

Thomas Taylor-past chairperson
Joined BOD: April 2009

Richard Lund 
Joined BOD: January 2010

Walter Draper - Treasurer
Joined BOD: August 2014

Holly James
Joined September 2016

Ed Munoz
our newest member joined in 2018
Peninsula Services is a Non Profit Company
7500 Werner Rd., Bremerton, WA 98312
    Telephone: (360) 373-1446  |  Email: pensvc3@telebyte.commailto:pensvc3@telebyte.comshapeimage_5_link_0


All persons have the ability to grow and to excel

All persons are deserving of dignity and respect

The pursuit of excellence in all services provided is of utmost importance

People are the greatest asset in achieving the mission

Innovation, creativity and the desire to excel is greatly valued.

Peninsula Services exists for the purpose of providing vocational and life enriching experiences that allow every individual the opportunity to grow, to achieve personal goals and to maximize their potential.