Feed the Earth!  Did you know that beneath your garden there are little miners who not only aerate your soil, but also provide nature’s BEST fertilizer?

We employ over a million hard working, underground “environmental specialists” who are absolutely dedicated to replenishing our earth “naturally”.

They work night and day, 24/7, eating unused, donated vegetables, coffee grounds, even shredded paper! These amazing little wiggly workers are known in scientific terms as “eisenia fetida” (a special variety of red worms).

The bi-product of these busy workers is what is  known as “worm castings” and for gardeners and plant lovers it’s heaven on earth. Recent studies now indicate that worm castings produce a nutrient rich soil amendment that rivals the best man-made, chemical fertilizers, but without all the harmful toxins. It is safe for the earth and safe for your family! Plus, a little E-Z Earth goes a long way, so it is good for your wallet, too.

Build Your Own Worm Bin Kits $79.99—Fun for the Whole Family!

Looking for an activity that is both “green” and educational for the kids? Kitsap E-Z Earth supplies everything you need to start your own composting worm farm, EXCEPT THE WORMS.

The Kitsap E-Z Earth team is very proud of its quality organic products, certified by Twiss Laboratory, registered by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and by OMRI!

Registered 100% Organic 
by WSDA and OMRI!
We do have a few bags of wonderful E-Z Earth left, but you’d better hurry! Once they are gone they are gone for good. Visit the Gift Garden in Bremerton or look for us at your local nursery.  We may still sell Home Compost Bins at our store, a “Do it Yourself” worm garden kit that is kid friendly and guaranteed fun for the entire family!
Dear Friends, 

A Sincere Thank You 
for your support of 
Kitsap E-Z Earth throughout the years.  
It is with sadness that due to circumstances beyond our control that we have had to close the program. 

We still believe in vermicomposting and hope that you will find a new source of castings or perhaps start a project of your own.

Sadly, E-Z Earth is no longer open. 
Thank you for your support over the years.
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