Need help with stocking shelves?

Look no further.  Our Super Shelving Commissary Teams can handle even                the biggest of shelving challenges.

When the Naval Bases brought on our specialized teams of shelf stockers and custodians, they knew they had found just the right team. The same can be said for each and every person hired by Peninsula Services. Everyone has certain skills that make them   a real asset to their work environment. Currently, Peninsula Services employees proudly stock shelves, perform janitorial services and material handling positions at both the PSNS and Sub-Base Bangor Commissaries. When it comes to organizing and making a place shine, we are the best.... focused and fast... We do our jobs with a passion because we like doing what we do. And We Do It BEST.


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Super Shelvers
to the Rescue!
No job too big. No job too small.
Trained with a CAN-Do Attitude!

Our Philosophy: At Peninsula Services we are dedicated to the philosophy that all persons have the ability to excel and to demonstrate competence. Our agency exists for the purpose of providing vocational and life enriching experiences that allow every individual the opportunity to grow, to achieve personal goals and to maximize their potential.

Our Core Values: Talents of All, Respect and Dignity, Ongoing Growth, Innovation & Creativity, The Pursuit of Excellence

Peninsula Services is a Non Profit Company
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